Who we are

Graph Consulting (GC) provides consulting on graph technology. GC has strong national and international partners and stems from academia, and into the wider corporate community.

We offer very competent professionals with a strong understanding of graphs, relationships and technical infrastructure, backed by the NEO4J certification and years of integration experience using R, Python and Java. GC can provide access to large datasets for institutions around the world. It’s not just about providing a service – we operate in a collaborative mode and learning together – join us for a hackathon, a webinar or a lecture or a paper jointly with us.

There is a capability need in the research sector and big data enterprises for connecting the data infrastructures and linking information between platforms. Such capability would enable researchers, policy makers and infrastructure providers to understand the connections between projects across the globe. The mission for the GC is to develop such capabilities by working with data infrastructures, research institutions and corporate entities like finance and social enterprise sectors. Also, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between research and industry, and provide services where enterprise partners can connect with the research experts and leverage the national and international capabilities in different domains.







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Senior Consultant

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